It doesn’t matter how quickly technologies are evolving, their successful application depends on people who can apply them. Further development of the technology is impossible without these people. In modern realia the information itself goes into the background in comparison with those who can filter this information properly, interpret and then use it purposefully. At the same time, it’s obvious that application of this information requires not only skills of work with the data but also certain professional experience, received by different ways, including by trial and error.

The main purpose of the Cybercontrols project is collaboration of such people, people who feel themselves as part of technologies and technologies are the essential part of their lives, consolidation of people who have decided upon their interests and are ready to follow their ideas till the end. The technologies here mean technologies of cognitive control in robotics and in adjoining areas. The main accent is made on control technologies based on neural networks.

Nor location, nor age, nor other criterion should influence your readiness to contact us. Modern telecommunication technologies allow us to work effectively on the joint projects and in remote mode. We will attentively analyze incoming information and try to answer and keep in touch with every interested person.

There is an understanding that nowadays sphere of cognitive neural control begins to experience considerable raise, modern computational technologies allow making of experiments on personal computers without necessary attraction of big computation power that is unavailable for small groups of developers. Availability of conducting of the experiments along with the growth of popularity of the related areas such as machine learning and big data makes cognitive control technology relevant even now. We also think that in future there won’t be technical control systems without use of cognitive approaches.


​Second aim of the Cybercontrols project is popularization of the sphere of cognitive robotics. We sincerely hope that this information resource will be interesting, useful and, possibly, will motivate some engineers and developers who use traditional approaches in control to look at the possibilities of cognitive neural architectures.

We will be glad to get from you any comments and we expect that these will be offers to cooperate and suggestions about additions of information content of this project. From our side we will try to make our project Cybercontrols alive and will filling it with new incoming information and services.


Denis is a co-founder and an inspier of the CyberControls project. He brings more than 10 years engineering exprience in control functions area. Enthusiastic about cognitive approaches in control, reverse engineering, model-based research and deep learning based on artificial neural networks.

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Andrei is a co-founder of the CyberControls project, PhD. He has significant experience in data analytics, machine learning and robotics.  Enthusiastic about mathematical background of data analysis technologies, machine learning, technical vision, digital signal processing and model-based research.

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Andrei is a co-founder of the CyberControls project. He has significant experience in industrial automation, telecommunication, power electronics and electric drive control. Enthusiastic about 3D graphics and robotic-based inductrial automation.